BYENS “Publisher of the City” is an innovative publishing house founded in 2009 - inspired by a modern, lively and customer-involving philosophy. It focuses on alternative and modern literature. Genres as crime, fiction, novels, theme books, and books and poetry about Copenhagen.

BYENS offer readings in people's homes and have invented the first “bookstore on wheels” in Denmark. The publishers bike through the streets of Copenhagen on a carrier bike, from which they sell books and coffee.
In April 2012, BYENS opened a bookstore and café. Here in the center of Vesterbro, Copenhagen the publishers have created a modern and creative literature experience, where editors and writers serve the coffee, while customers can read, write or buy books.

In may 2017 BYENS expanded and opened one more bookstore and café in the center of Vejle.

Both cafés are also a substitute to the ordinary office life and function as a dynamic workplace for employees. It is an attempt to get away from the boring office and instead be able to work in a modern atmosphere, which is a vivid part of the humming city.

You can find BYENS here:

Istedgade 102 in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. It is open 8am-5pm on weekdays and 9am-4pm on saturdays and 10am-4pm on sundays.

Rådhudpassagen 6 in Vejle. It is open 9am-17pm on weekdays and 9:30am-15:00pm on weekends.
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